Ways to Have Positive Discipline with Your Child

Positive discipline with your child is an excellent way to avoid spanking and still rear your child up in the way that he or she should go.  For the most part, this is an effective method of the disciple in so much that the child’s response remains positive.

Let’s face it, as schutzengelchen-1690635_640parents, we need to pick our battles and sometimes a spanking isn’t necessary if there is a more peaceful positive option that works just as well.

Now, we are going to dive into some different ways you can positively discipline your child.

  1. Show them the right way – focusing on what the child did wrong can leave the child feeling less than. However, if you concentrate on the right way to do something.  Instead of showing them how they messed up by
    showing them how to do it right, the focus shifts from their self to a forward path to correction.
  2. Choices – you child, like most children, thrive when they feel they have some level of control in their surroundings. Offering your child choices on how to fix the wronged situation or person will automatically allow the child to feel in control.
  3. Always learning – remember your child is learning and when he or she messes up, it is an excellent opportunity to use the situation to teach them. More often or not lecturing a child does not render the desired results, but teaching will most likely get their wheels turning so they think about what they did.
  4. Redirection – if you child is doing something they should not do and insists on doing it, try redirection. Redirection is only moving your child from the situation and providing something else for them to focus on.
  5. Consistency is key – if you tell your child to do or not do something, then it is on you to be consistency in the follow through. “You mean what you say and you say what you mean” is one way to make a child feel secure and act out less.

Well, that was a great start at ways to positively discipline your child.  These methods should be combined with any corporal punishment, if you believe in that, for well-rounded child rearing.

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